Video of Airline Staff Seemingly Ignoring Lost Luggage Divides Viewers

2022-06-09 08:16:21 By : Mr. Toplink Technology

Internet viewers are debating the airport staff response—or lack thereof—to a suitcase that fell on a tarmac in Nashville, Tennessee.

Travel is set to rebound this summer, as students start summer vacation and parents make plans to unwind after two years of pandemic stress. But those trips will come at a high price tag, with rising fuel costs continuing to drive up airfares. Twenty-eight percent of travelers plan to spend significantly more this summer than they did on 2019 trips, according to the U.S. Travel Association.

While biting the bullet of hiked prices, flyers are hoping their travel will at least go smoothly—so footage of a dropped suitcase stranded on an airport tarmac sent many into a tizzy this week.

Tennessee traveler Jackie or @jackatyou posted the video on TikTok Monday. In two days, it has garnered 4.4 million views and 536,000 likes.

How I bonded with everyone at the delta lounge in Nashville

"Omg this bag fell off of a car and everyone in the Delta lounge is nervously watching it," Jackie narrated over the first clip, which showed a lonely pink suitcase on the ground outside the Nashville International Airport.

"Will he save it?" she wondered, as an airport worker drove by the luggage, took a lingering look over his shoulder, and continued to drive away.

"He said, 'Nope,'" Jackie commented in the video, while her fellow passengers groaned and giggled in the background.

Another staff member followed, unknowingly exhorted by his audience inside the airport.

"Alright, alright, come on," urged a flyer near Jackie.

When the man stopped his vehicle next to the item and got out, Jackie believed he was saving the day.

"Oh, thank God, okay!" she cheered.

But the captive passengers were quickly let down again, as this worker merely rolled the suitcase away from his path, got back in his vehicle, and drove off as well.

Then a third worker drove up and inspected the luggage's tag.

"Thank you, doing the Lord's work," Jackie applauded, believing this had to be the savior they awaited.

But that was soon followed by another groan, as he too drove away.

Finally, a fourth staff member approached and hoisted the bag into his vehicle.

"Everyone in here cheered," Jackie told her TikTok audience.

The footage triggered travel anxiety in many viewers, which they shared in the comments section.

"Why am I panicking [because] that looks like my suitcase but I haven't flown anywhere recently," one viewer wondered.

"This is why we don't check bags!" another exclaimed.

But other commenters decried the critiques of airport staff, noting that they were likely following standard procedures for lost luggage.

"It's wasn't a Delta passenger bag," one viewer theorized. "All the Delta employees left it and the one guy who worked for a different airline took it."

"They have headphones, they're all talking to each other to get the bag. The wrong person grabbing it only makes it worse," another added.

"Abandoned bags at airports have contained bombs before," wrote a third commenter who argued against critics of the workers. "They probably followed some sort of protocol."

Newsweek reached out to Jackie for comment.

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